Connecting with more retailers / stores on Bridge

1. Connect with your existing retailers that are active / using Bridge 
A. Login to your Bridge.
B. At the top of your account roll over "Management" and from the drop down menu under "Friends & Members" click on "Bridge Retailers."
On this page, you'll see your brand and which retailers are connected to it.
You will most likely want to sync with all retailers that say they sell your brand.
At the bottom of the "Synced" column, there is a percentage showing what percentage of retailers that sell your brand that you're syncing products with. You will likely want this percentage to be as close to 100% as possible.
Note: there is also column titled "Show on Find a Retailer."  For each retailer that you're syncing with, you will like want there to be a green dot (meaning 'yes'). If there is not a green dot and you are syncing products, click on "Add."
If you see the retailer that you want to sync with here, click the sync link.
C. If you don't see the retailer's name, at the bottom of the page there is a green button that says "Add more businesses." Click this button.
D. You will be taken to the directory with all of Bridge's businesses in it. Please see step 2B below for more instructions.
2. Invite your existing retailers that do not currently use Bridge to open a free Bridge account
A. Email your retailers
You will want to email your retailers and invite them to join you on Bridge.
In order to make this easier, Bridge has a customizable template email.
Please find that template email here:
In order to help you see what an invitation email may look like, Bridge can email you as if you are a retailer. We use MailChimp to send you this sample invitation.  Please  email and ask us to email you this MailChimp brand invitation. 
B. Bridge has a Retailers Directory that contains 1,000s of retailers (this directory has active and prospective users of Bridge).  Using this directory, you can find and invite your inactive retailers in Bridge. 
i. Roll over "Management" and from the drop down click on "Friends." 
ii. Use the search tool to search for your stores. 
iii. When you find the store, click on "Ask to Sync" or "Invite" in the far right column. A pop-up window will appear. You can customize the message to invite your retailers join Bridge.
iv. Click on the blue button "Send sync request."
This will send a sync request.
v. If the business accepts this sync request, all your products will appear in its Bridge catalog for sale.
vi. You can watch your request's progress in your Ticket Tracking system.
3. Use the Bridge Retailer Directory to research prospective stores that don't yet carry your brand. 
i. Roll over "Management" and click on "Friends." 
ii. Click into each store's Bridge site and get to know the store better. See what it carries and whether it might be an good fit for your products.
"Friend" the stores that you have a strong interest in and that might be viable candidates for your products. Don't go overboard. Please try to limit your Friend requests to retailers you do not currently have a relationship with no more than 20 at any given time. 
4. View all active retailers of Bridge
Visit our sales site where we list all active stores:
5. Promote your Bridge service in your showroom. 
Bridge offers you free materials including table tents, window decals, and flyers.
6. Promote your Bridge on your website. 
Place the Bridge logo on your website.   The logo may appear alongside other social media logos such as Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. The logo can also go on the wholesale section/retailer section of your site and include a description of the program. This logo can be a link leading to your Bridge home page.
View examples of how Brands added the Bridge logo to their website:
Please find the Bridge logo below for your use.
7. Promote your Bridge in your price list.
Add text to the bottom of your price list that shares that retailers using Bridge will always have the most up-to-date information.
Bridge is quicker and cheaper than using Dropbox and other file sharing services to share updates. Reason: it's instant.

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