Change a SKU / Product ID

1. Confirm that this new SKU is not already in use.
You have to search for the new SKU number site wide. Specifically, you have to:
a. Look in current, active items for the new SKU number/ID.
b. Look in archived items.

If you find the new SKU number in use, you can NOT use the new SKU number unless you delete the other existing item with the same SKU.  Reason: all SKU numbers have to be unique. You can't change a SKU to a SKU that already exists. 

2. Only after you have done the above, then email Bridge a table with 2 columns:
Existing SKU / New SKU / Current SKU Status

Enter in the respective SKUs in the table.
The status is the current status of the item, such as 'active' or 'archived.' We ask for this info so that after we make the update, we know where to look for the SKU to confirm the change.

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