Place an item on sale

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. Browse to the item you wish to place on sale. You will want to browse to the item's Details page. You can most often get to the item's Details page by clicking the photo of the item. You will know you are on the Details page because to the right of the item's picture is an add to shopping bag or add to invoice button.  You can also tell if you are on the Details page because the URL of the page will include this text "../details.cfm.."

3. Once on the Details page, above the item's picture, there is text that says "Item: Edit / Archive / Delete".  Click on "Edit".

4.  A floating white window will appear with edit options for the item. There are four tabs; confirm you are looking at the "Product(s)" tab. On the Products tab, enter in a sale price in the sale price field. 

5. Save your changes by clicking on the blue "Update Product" button in the upper right.

6. Close the floating white window and the page will refresh. Your item's sale price will appear. 

Note: you can't place Smart Products on sale to the public.

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