Delete / remove an item

A. Removing / deleting one item as a time:

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. Browse to the item you wish to remove.

3. Go to the item's Details page. You can most often get there by clicking the photo of the item. You will know you are on the Details page because to the right of the item's picture is an add to shopping bag or add to invoice button.  You can also tell if you are on the Details page because the URL of the page will include this text "../details.cfm.."

4. Once on the Details page, above the item's picture, there is text that says "Item: Edit / Archive / Delete".

If you do not see these links, confirm that you are in "Edit" page view. If you are in "Showroom" view, these links will not appear. You will have to change your page view to Edit mode.

B. Removing / deleting many items at a time

1. Be sure that your account is in Edit page view. You can see what page view your account is in by looking in the upper right where it says "Page view:...:

2. Browse to the collection that contains the items you wish to remove. When you click the collection name, you'll see all the items in the collection and they'll appear vertically on the page. Next to each item, you'll see "Edit / Archive / Delete" links. 

3. Click the edit, archive, or delete link that you'd like.

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