Add new items / products (for brands / distributors)

A) When adding up to 100 items:

1) Login to your Bridge account.  

2) At the top of the web page, you'll see a green button that says "+Add."  Roll over this and from the drop down click on "Products."   You will be taken to the page where you can add multiple new products at once. 

3) On the add multiple new products page, choose the brand that you'd like to enter the items for. All of the items that you're adding items for must be from the same brand.  For example, you can add four items from brand X, but you can't add four items each from a different brand.

If the brand that you want to add items for is not in the drop down list, please contact Bridge to help you add the brand as a choice.

4) If you wish, you will then auto-set all items to be part of the same Collection. Collections are different pieces of the same pattern. For example, if you are adding many items to the same pattern called "Pink Lilies," you'll select this collection from the Collections drop down menu.  This saves you time in manually setting it for each item below.

5) If you wish, you will then auto-set all items to be part of the same Department. You'll select this from the Departments drop down menu. For example, if you are adding dinner plates, you'll select the department "Dining & Entertaining."  This saves you time in manually setting it for each item below.

6) You will enter the product's name. All items must have a name.

7) You will enter the product's retail price. You do not need to enter the "$" symbol before the price. Our software will add that for you. All items must have a retail price.

8) You can skip entering the product's wholesale price if the wholesale price is 1/2 of the retail price (keystone). Our software will automatically output a keystone wholesale price if you enter just "0" for the wholesale. If you wholesale price is not keystone, you will want to enter it in the wholesale field below the retail price field. 

9) If you haven't done so in step 5, you will need to choose a Department for each item. Then choose a secondary department.

10) You will add a SKU for the item. All items must have a SKU.

11) If the item is new, leave the "New item" box checked.

12) If you are adding multiple items, repeat steps 6 - 8 above.

13) Once you add all the item that you'd like, click on the "Add items" button in the lower right.

14) You will be shown a green horizontal bar that says "Success...".   The bar will say "Click here to view your new items." Click that link.

15) You will be taken to the New items page and your items will be at the top of this page.   

16) You can now add images to the items and add additional details to the items. To add an image to the items, click on the 'photo coming soon' image. This will take you to the item's Details page. 

17) On the item's Details page, to add a picture you can either drag an image from another browser or browse to your local computer.  For more detailed explanation on adding pictures, see how to add an image to an item or click this link:

18) To add dimensions to the item, keywords, or other details, click on the "Edit" link to the right of the word "Item:" below the item's name.

B) When adding over 100 items:
You will email us an Excel sheet with your items. But before you do that, you will first format the sheet for import. Please follow the Excel sheet formatting steps here:

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