Testing real-time credit card processing

Once you have your online credit card processing setup (Bridge will notify you of this), you will then want to make a test purchase.  The benefit of doing this is that you will know first hand how a customer shops and buys on your Bridge website.

A. Before making a test purchase, be sure to first log out of your Bridge as the administrator. If you are logged in as the administrator, you will NOT be able to checkout as the customer does. 

Also, be sure that you're not logged in as a bride to a registry. 

B. Once you are completely logged out, add any item to your shopping bag. Pick an item that is under $50 in order to not put a lot on your credit card.

C. Go thru all the checkout steps.  Don’t stop until you put your credit card info and click on “Place Order.” You want to go thru all the steps—even paying yourself.

D. You will want to delete your test purchase.
Here are the steps to delete a test purchase:

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