How does the Bridge review software work?

Having online reviews is good for your store for a few reasons. Reviews:
a. Help customers trust your store.
b. Boost your ranking in Google.
c. Help you know how you're serving your customers in an efficient manner. Receiving an online review is much quicker than taking a customer's thoughts in person or via telephone. Also, customers may be more willing to write a review vs. voice it in person.

How does our software generate review for your business?

Our software solicits reviews by contacting customers and brides.

1. Soliciting customers
After about 5 days after a registry purchase — or after 8 days or a non-registry purchase, Bridge emails your customer asking him or her to review the shopping experience. We do NOT ask him or her to review the item. We ask for him or her to review the experience.

If he or she does not reply, we email him or her a reminder 3 days later.

In total, Bridge sends up to 2 emails to a customer.

2. Soliciting brides
We email a bride 2 weeks after her wedding date to ask her to review her registry experience.

How does Bridge's software compare to Yelps?
Our software has the customer's email and name and knows when to ask them for a review; Yelp doesn't have that data so it doesn't know when to ask.  Due to this, your software collects many more reviews than Yelp.

Can your store turn off the solicitation of reviews?
Yes, but we discourage this.  If you wish to do this, you can follow the review solicitation deactivation steps here:

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