How to process an order if you do not have real-time credit card processing setup AND it is not registry related

When you receive an order that is not registry related and is from a 'general public' customer, and you don't have real-time credit card processing setup for your account, you'll follow these steps:
  1. Login to to your Bridge.
  2. Once you login, at the very top of your Bridge account, click on "Orders."
  3. Find the order that you wish to address. Click on the dollar amount for the order.  This will take you to the Order Details page.
  4. On the Orders Details page, you can see if the order is a registry order, the customer's name, his/her telephone number, etc.
The next step is determining if you have the item in stock.

If you have the item in stock:
If you have the item in stock you just need to call the customer and take his/her credit card over the telephone, then enter it via your terminal in your store. The Order Details page has the customer's telephone number to call.

If you do NOT have the item in stock:
If you do not have have the item in stock, and the item is for example, from a Smart Brand partner, you will want to:

A. Scroll to the very bottom of the Order Details page, you can see the corporate contact and sales rep contact information.

B. Call your rep or corporate to find out if its in stock, and ask about a delivery ETA to the customer's address. You will most likely want it drop shipped.
But, you won't want to order it just yet; you'll place a 'hold' on the item

C. You'll call customer, give them the delivery info that you received from the rep or corporate, and ask for the customer's credit card. In the event that the customer doesn't want to do the order, then that's the end of the order. You will update the order in your Bridge store to "Canceled."

D. Of the customer gives you the credit card number, you will thank customer, enter the card info in your in-store terminal, and assuming its approved, call your rep or corporate back and place the order.

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