See which of your sales reps are connected to your brand via Bridge

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. Roll over "Management" at the top of your site. From the drop down, click on "Connections."

3. On the Connections page, scroll down to the area Sales Reps area. This shows you all the sales reps that either are friends and/or syncing products with your account.

You will want all of your reps to be listed here in this area.

a. If you see reps that you no longer do business with, and you wish to remove them, you'll want to do follow these steps:

i. Find the rep that you wish to not have listed as your rep anymore.  Roll over the sales rep's name and you'll see an "Edit" link appear. Click this Edit link.

ii. In the floating white box, you'll see a few options to edit your relationship with the rep:

+ You can unsync products with the rep.
Unsyncing will unsync products from the rep's account AND remove the rep from being listed on your Find a Sales Rep page. 

+ You can remove the rep from appearing on your Find a Store page.

+ You can unfriend the rep.
When you are friends with a rep, you will be able to easily share news back and forth via your Chalkboards; being friends does not mean you are sharing/syncing products. 

+ Complete wipe: if the rep has no relation with your business anymore, this is the best option. There is a link at the bottom of the white window that says "» Remove my brand(s) from this business. There is no business connection between my business and this one."

When you click this,  this will do all of the unbinding listed above: it will unfriend, unsync, and delist this rep from your find a rep page.

b. If you notice a rep that is missing and you wish to add it, you'll scroll up and click on the green button "Add sales rep" in the upper right side.

i. Clicking this button will take you to the National Sales Rep Directory
On the Rep Directory page, on the right-hand side, there is a search box. Enter the rep's name or email.

If you find the rep in the search results, you will click "Friends" link in the Friends column. Then you will click on the "Ask to Sync" link in the "Product Syncing" column.

ii. If you do not find the rep that you are looking for in the directory, you will click on the green button "Invite business" on the right hand side. 

Clicking this button will produce a window that allows you to enter:
- sales rep name / business name
- their business type. select "Sales rep".
- their city of residence.

Then click Submit. Clicking this will:
1. Send an email invitation to the sales rep / business.
2. Send an email to Bridge. We'll enter this business in our directory and then alert you when we've added it.

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