Post your news to Facebook and Chalkboard at the same time

You can now post your news just once: each Chalk now has Facebook integration.
How to:
1. Add your news (which we call a Chalk) to your Chalkboard.
2. After you add your Chalk, next to your Chalk there is a "Share" link. Click that.
3. Click the "Share" button (not the "Like" button).
4. If you have more than one Facebook Page, such ad a personal page and your business page, you will have to navigate to the correct one from the drop down window that appears.
5. Select the page you want to share to and Ta-dah, your Chalk will now appear on on that Facebook page.

Save time:
To take advantage of this feature, you'll want to post news in Chalkboard first, then follow the steps above.

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