1. Connect with retailers on Bridge via the Retailers Directory
Learn how to connect via the Directory here:

2. See what these stores you are researching are posting on Chalkboard/Newsfeed. Is there something you/your brand can add to the conversation?
  • Use a private comment to talk directly to the store on a post.

3. Create your own consistent stream of Chalks 2-4/week to post in the newsfeed. These will be seen by the audiences you select and those businesses you are friends with. This is your product's face to the public so make them count.

4. Add a Bridge logo to your main website and link it to your Bridge site.
  • The logo is frequently placed with other social media buttons.
  • It can also be placed in the appropriate spot where wholesale customers are directed
  • Please find the Bridge logo at the bottom of this support page.
5. What does Bridge do to promote your brand when it joins Bridge?
  • We post a Chalk that all of our members will see announcing that you brand is ready to sync.
  • We announce it in our training sessions. 
6. What else can you do to promote your Bridge?
  • As part of your agreement with Bridge, we ask that you send out a letter once a year informing all your retailers that your products are on Bridge.
  • By announcing this relationship, this helps you spread your efforts maintaining Bridge to more stores. We have found that stores that use Bridge resources sell 13% more than stores that don't.

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