Customize your Bridge store and Newsfeed

What can be customized:
1. Top header.
You can have a customized header such as Tailored Home does in the example. To submit a customized header, please email Bridge your logo and the text you want on the header. Bridge will create it for you.
2. Horizontal navigation bar's font and bar's background color.
Please email Bridge to customize these colors.
3. Slides.
A. Add photos of your store to the slide show on your home page. Use photos of your store inside and out to show your customers what you look like. 
B. If you have a brand that is unique to your store or a product line or service that you want to highlight, you can create a slide for that. 
C. Slides can be changed frequently.  Show holiday sales, seasonal events, and more.
D. Your slides be linked directly to a page on your website. Click the 'Manage Slides' button when you are logged in for directions on how to do this. To update a URL for a slide, please email Bridge at
Learn more about your Manage Slides page here:
E. Technical specs:
Slides are 977 pixels wide x 310 pixels high. We ask that you make them to these dimensions. If you do not have the capabilities to make them, please send us the images you want and we will do it for you. You cannot update your slides by yourself, so please email us and we will upload them for you. Email Bridge the slides:
4. Whether you offer gift cards.
On the gift card page, you can add a custom picture of what your gift card looks like.
5. You can output your social media accounts. For each account you add to Bridge, we output the social media platform's logo.
Your can enter your social media accounts on the Your Account page.
6. Your address and telephone number.
Your can customize this on the Your Account page.
7. Your about text. 
Your can customize this on the Your Account page.
8. Your featured new items.
9. Your Newsfeed.
A. You can create posts (Bridge calls them "Chalks") about your store and share them on your Newsfeed. If you "feature" a Chalk, this will be similar to Facebook’s anchoring  or “pinning” a post to the top position. Using this feature, your customers will see your store’s branded content. Up to 6 posts can be featured in descending order from the top of the page. (The downside of this, is that your customers will not see the vendor created posts in the Newsfeed until they scroll down further.)
To learn how to feature/pin posts to the top of your Newsfeed, click this link:
B. Your Newsfeed shows featured purchases made on your site. (You can disable this feature on the Your Account page.)
C. Your Newsfeed congratulates couples that just registered at your store. 
Why does Bridge have a Newsfeed when other stores don’t?
This shows Google that your site is active. There is an ever-changing content stream in the form of recent sales (social proof), product likes (social proof), vendor posts, store news and events and registry announcements that signals to Google to “crawl” or index THIS site over a site that is not changing its content. This is why Bridge sites consistently show up highly in Google search results. 
There is a comment box at the top of the Newsfeed where customers can talk to you directly. 

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