Set the minimum price (price floor) at which your site displays and sells Smart Brand items

You can set the minimum price at which your sites shows (and thereby sells) Smart Brand items.

About the Price Floor Feature
If a Smart Brand item is above price $X, people can purchase it online. If the Smart Brand item's price is below $X, the general public customer can not purchase it online; he/she has to call your store to try to order it.

By default on your Bridge account, we've set your price floor for Smart Brand items to $50. If Smart Brand items are under $50, the 'Add to Shopping Bag' button is replaced with your phone number. 

If the Smart Brand item is over $50, it's business as usual and its how you handled it in the past. A general public customer can buy the item online.

Benefit to using the Price Floor Feature: save time and money 
Don't waste time on selling an item to a general public customer that is not profitable. Don't get involved in taking an order that will be a 'special order' and require drop shipping, when the drop shipping fees, etc. will reduce your profit to almost nil.

How to raise or lower your price floor:
1. Login to your Bridge. 
2. Visit Your Account Profile page. (You can visit this page by rolling over "Management" at top of your page and clicking on "Your Account Profile" from the drop down.)
3. On the Your Account Page, scroll down on the right side of the page to "Checkout: Online". 
The setting says:
"Minimum price at which you wish to allow a general public consumer to purchase a Smart Brand item online"

That is set to $50. You can raise or lower it.

4. Click on the "Save" button in the lower right to save your changes.

1. The price floor only applies to Smart Brand items. Reason: we assume that non-Smart Brand items (ones that you manually add) are ones that you have in stock and you wish to sell any and all of these items regardless of price. 

2.The price floor does not affect the bridal registry part of your site. Brides can still add this item to a registry. Friends and family can still buy this item off a registry regardless of the price.

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