How to Find the URL of a Bridal Registry in Order to Share it

Sometimes you will need to share a bride’s URL (web address) directly with a bride. There are several ways on Bridge to it.

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. In the horizontal navigation, roll over “Gift Registry” and from the drop down click on “Registry Management.”

3. On the Registry Management page, find the bride for which you wish to get the registry url/website address. 

4. Now you can get the address from any of these metholds:

A. The first option is to simply click the bride’s email address. This will produce an email using your native email program (e.g. Outlook). If you don’t have a native email program, we recommend that you get one. Clicking the email will not work if you don’t have a native email program.

B. Click the bride’s name to visit the bride’s registry. Once on the bride’s registry, look to the right of the bride and groom's name. You’ll see a link that says “Share your registry with friends & family.” Click this link.

In the floating white window, you’ll see the URL/website address. Copy this address.
You can then paste this url to whatever you need, such as to an email.

C. When a registry is created, a welcome email is sent, if that option is turned on. By default it is. If you need the url, or want to send the letter manually, hover over the bride’s email and a link will show “Welcome email.” Click this link and a pre-populated email will appear with the URL/website address near the top. Copy this address in the email. You can then paste this url wherever you need.

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