Create a parent collection / Assign existing collection to a parent collection

1. Log into your Bridge.

2. At the very top of your site, roll over "Management" and from the dropdown under "Brand" click on "Collection admin."

3. Click "+ Add collection." (Creating a "parent" collection is similar to creating a new pattern with the "+ Add collection" link at the top of that page.)

3. Give the parent collection a name and then click the "Add" button. You don't need to set the collection to premium or use "Part of a related collection" dropdown; just name it and add.

4. After you add it, the page will refresh and the software will send you back at the main collection admin page. You will see the new collection in the list with a light orange highlighted background.  (The orange background indicates the collection has zero items in it.)   Now that this new collection exists, you can start assigning other collection to be tucked into it as the parent. 

5. Find the collection you wish to make a 'sub collection.' Look at  the dropdown that reads "Part of a collection grouping." (Each collection will have this dropdown in their row.)

6. For the collection you wish to make a sub collection, from the drop down choices select the parent collection name that you created.  

7. Save your changes by scrolling all the way to the bottom and hit "Update Collections." 

Our software may take a few minutes for the change to propagate through the system.

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