Confirm bridal / gift registry completion of 5-step incentive program

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Go to the bride's registry. To do this, you'll roll over "Gift Registry" and from the drop down click on "Registry Management."  On the Registry Management page, you'll find the bride's name. You can take a short cut to the incentive management page by clicking on the percentage complete graphic to the right of the bride's name. It will like be a circle with a "100%" on it.  Click  on the 100% graphic. If the graphic says 100%, you can also click on the link "Validate bride's 5 steps."
3. You will be on the registry's edit registry page; be sure that you're scrolled down and looking at the incentive management area.  The area has the title "Incentive Program" and has a light gray background.
4. In incentive area, you'll see the five steps that the bride has to complete.
For some of the steps, Bridge can detect if they are complete.   Bridge can detect if a picture has been added and if a comment has been added to one or more registry item.
You are responsible for manually confirming the other 3 items.
Those are:
A. Adding a link on social media.
B. Adding a link on the official site.
C. Reviewing your store.
You will see a Google logo in the incentives area. You click this Google logo to easily Google the bride and help verify if she did the 3 steps above.
Here are some short cuts to review each:
A. Bride added a link on her official wedding site.
To confirm this task, you can click on "Google the registrants" link or the "G" Google icon.  Clicking this will auto-populate a search for you that likely brings up the couple's official wedding site. Visit their official site (it maybe on and look for a link to your site. Once you confirms this, you will click on the "Confirm Now" link.
B. Bride (or groom) reviewed her experience with your store
You can see if the bride reviewed you on your Reviews page. Visit your reviews page and look for her name.  If you don't see it there, she may have reviewed you on Facebook or Yelp. If you see that the bride checked off the 'review' step but you can't find it, email the bride and ask her where she submitted the reviews. She may have even emailed you it.  Once you confirms this, you will click on the "Confirm Now" link.
C. Bride added a link on social media.
This is the hardest step to confirm. The bride may have added a link on Facebook or another social media platform. To confirm this, you'll need to email the bride.  Once you confirms this, you will click on the "Confirm Now" link.
5. After you confirm all the tasks, select the date that you confirmed the steps. 

6. Complete the validation process by checking "Yes" next to "Credit given to bride." 
This lets the software know that you have applied the credit for the bride and stops the system from sending you reminder emails concerning the registry incentive. 
There is a private notes area. You may also put in a private note regarding the incentives that you confirmed.

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