You can load slides for your brands. These slides appear:
- on your Newsfeed.
- on your brand's Collections overview page.
- on your brand's bio page.

Once you load these slides, you may wish to edit, archive, or delete these slides.  You can edit the slides, as well as edit the page/link that they lead to.

To view your slides and where they point to:
1. Login to your Bridge.

2. At the top of your Bridge site roll over "Management" from the drop down under Brands click on "Slides."

3. On the Slides management page, you'll see your existing slides.

Each of your brands should have at least one slide.

You can see a field that shows the link that applies for the slide. Ideally each slide would point to a page relating to what the slide show. If not link is entered, the slide when clicked will lead to the brand's Collections overview page.

You can also change the sort of the slides by changing the sort number for each slide. The slides with the lower sort numbers will appear sooner.

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