Charge for gift wrapping on general public and/or registry purchases

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. At the top of your site, roll over "Management" and from the drop down click on "Your Account Profile."

3. On the Your Account Profile on the right-hand side under "Services," you'll see an area to manage gift wrapping.

The choices for allowing gift wrapping for online purchase are:
- No
- Just on gift registry purchases
- Just on non-Smart brand items
- On all items

The reason we offer a choice of "Just on non-Smart brand items"  is that Smart brand items are more likely to be drop shipped. Drop shipped items are less likely to be gift wrapped.

Choose which one applies.

4. If you choose any option besides "No," you'll be able to then choose "Yes" or "No" for charging for gift wrapping.
Choose Yes or No.

5. If you choose Yes for charge for wrapping, you'll then enter a price to charge the customer. This amount will be added in the checkout should the person select gift wrapping.

6. At the bottom of the page, click on "Save" to save your changes. 

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