Add and manage special pricing for registry items / charge more for customized and/or monogrammed items

You can change the prices of registry items to be more or less than the item is sold at to the general public.
This is ideal for stores needing to charge more for monogramming on items, or giving the bridal party a discount on registering with their store.

To increase or decrease prices, you will:
1. Login to your Bridge.

2. In the horiztonal navigation, roll over "Gift Registry" and from the drop down click on "Registry Management."

3. On the registry management page, find the registry for which you wish to add special pricing.  Click on the bride's name to login you in as the administrator for that registry.

4. Once you are on the bride's registry, scroll down to the very bottom. Right above the footer that outputs your address, there is a link that says "Manage special pricing."  Click this.

5. On the Special Pricing page, you will see a list of the registry's items. You will see the existing price listed, then a column to the right with the header "Special." In the Special column, the default price says "00.00."  This 00.00 means that no special price has been entered.

6. In the special price column, change the 00.00 to the special price that you'd like, such as " 49.99 ".  You do not need to add a "$" in the field.

7. To the right of the special price field, there is a "Submit" button. Click that.

8. To return to the registry, click the registrants' names near the top of the page. You will now see the special price that you entered for the item.

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