Sort, organize, and/or rearrange patterns/collections

You may want to have pattern Z appear before pattern A.
You may want to override the pattern/collections alphabetization.

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. If you are  a brand, in the horizontal navigation, click on "Collections." 
If you are a distributor, in the horizontal navigation roll over "Brands" and click on the brand whose patterns you wish to sort.

3. You will be on the brand's collections home page. 
Below the slide for the brand, there is a blue "Edit Collections" button. Click this button.  You will be taken the collections/patterns admin page for the brand. 

5. On the collections admin page, on the far right there is a column with this title: "Drag icon to sort."

Hold down your mouse on that icon and without letting go drag the little 4-arrowed icon up or down the page.

You do not need to save your changes. Dragging the icon immediately saves the collection where you 'drop it'.

You have now resorted your pattern.

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