Auto-post news on to your retailers' and sales reps' public websites

Before we explain how to auto-post news, let's first explain why a brand or distributor would want to auto-post news.  The industry issue that retailers and reps have is that they have little time to post news on their public news page. What if there was a solution to save them this time and post this news for them? There is: auto-posting via Bridge's Chalkboard.

A brand can add news to Chalkboard and have it appear on 100s of retailers' home pages and news page without any work by the retailers. This saves the retailers time.  Note: since the brand is immediately posting news that a retailer's customers will see, the brand should use this feature wisely and sparingly. If the retailer wants, it can turn off this feature.

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. Once you login, you will be taken to the Chalkboard page. You will want to create a Chalk that you can auto-post.  To create a Chalk, in the filed that says "What is your business up to?" enter your Chalk's content, add a picture, and add keywords. 

3. If you distribute many brands, to the right of the Chalk there is a drop down with brands. Select one. You have to select one brand to use the auto-post feature.

4. To the right of the Chalk, there is a box with text that says "Promote this".  

Please note the rules before checking this box. You can click this text "Tips about auto-posting". That will show you some rules.  You should only auto-post news that:
- is written as if it's coming from the retailer.
- contains no links to your website or other 3rd party websites.
- contains content that a retailer would be comfortable posting.

5. If you agree with the rules above, check the box "Promote this". 

6. There is text that says "Who can see this? Your:"
This tells you on whose public sites your auto-posted Chalk will appear. After each business type, it shows you the number friends you have for that industry type. For example, it may say "Retailers (48)". That means that you have 48 retailers that you're friends with.  When you share news, you'll be sharing with 48 retailers.

6. Check the Share button.

Your Chalk will now appear on all of your friends' sites.

7. The page will refresh after you share you news. There will be a green box with a white thumbs up to the left of it.  Below this thumbs up, there is a number of estimated views for this Chalk. This number is an estimate calculated by multiplying the number of friends you auto-posted to by 30. For example, if you auto-posted to a total of 20 friends, the estimated audience would be 20 x 30 = 600 viewers.  

8. Click on the green thumb ups box and it will show the friends on whose site this news appears.

If you wish to confirm this, you can visit one of your friend's site.  Click the business friend's name and visit their site.

Curious how Chalkboard compares to Facebook or Dropbox?  View more info here:

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