Unsync products with a retailer

1. Login to your Bridge account.

2. At the top of your site,  roll over the link "Management" and from the drop down under "Friends & Members" click on "Connections." 

3. On the Connections page, find the retailer that you wish to unsync with.

4. Roll over the retailer's name and you'll see an "Edit" link to the right of the name.
Click this link. 

5. A floating white box will appear allowing you to edit your relationship with this retailer.

6. In the floating white window, you will see your brand listed, then the wording "Currently Synced," then the word "Unsync." 
It may resemble this:

[your brand] | Currently Synced | Unsync

Click "Unsync" if you wish to unsync your line. This will a. remove your synced products from his/her site, and b. remove him/her from your find a store listing page.

If you are a distributor of many brands, you will see your brands listed vertically and the word "unsync" appear to the right for each of them.

In the floating white window, you will also notice there is information about your 'friend' relationship. Friending and syncing are independent of each other. You can, for example, choose to stay friends with a retailer yet unsync products. 

The benefit of staying friends is you and the business will be able to see each others news and easily contact each other.

Please note:
If the retailer is no longer in business, please let Bridge know so that we can remove the retailer from its system.

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