Decline or accept a sync request from a brand that you don't know

 A brand or distributor may ask to sync with your retail business and you may not sell the brand mentioned.

What did they send you a sync request?
The brand/distributor is often looking to expand its distribution.

What do you do?
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Go to your Ticketing system. You do this by rolling over "Management" at the top and clicking on "Ticket Tracking" from the drop down.

3. Once you are in your Ticketing area,  you can either:
A. Accept the sync request, then mark the ticket "Complete."
B. Cancel the ticket. 

The benefit of marking the ticket complete or canceling it is that you won't receive more reminders from our software in the future. Our software will keep sending you reminders until you either mark the ticket "Complete" or "Canceled".

You can also just ignore these ticket reminder emails but they may get annoying. You are better off to either accept the sync request or cancel it.

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