Edit / change a price

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Find the item you wish to edit.  You can do this either by using the search feature or browsing by collection.
3. Once you find the item you wish to edit, click on the Edit link next to its name.
If you're on the Details page, this Edit link is below the product's name.
If you're on the Results page, this Edit link is to the right of the product's name
4. After you click on Edit, you'll see a floating white box. In this floating window, be sure that you're on the "Product's" tab. (There are four tabs: General, Description, Keywords, and Product(s)". 
5. On the Products tab, enter in the retail price for the item in the "Price($)" field. You may also enter wholesale price in the Wholesale field if you wish; it's optional. Sale price is also optional.
6. Click on the blue button "Update This Product."
7. Close the floating white window by clicking anywhere outside of the white window.
8. Your page will refresh and show your updated prices.

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