Notify customers they are buying a gift credit and not real items

 You may wish to let customers that purchase off a bridal registry know that they not buying the literal item; rather they are giving the bride and groom a gift card in the amount of the purchase.

You can let the customers more easily know this by updating settings either in your store's profile or on a registry by registry basis. After you make the changes below, when a customer checks out on your site with a registry item, your checkout will tell the customer that he or she is buying a gift card and not the literal item. 

A. Steps to output explanatory language in checkout for all registries:

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. As the top of your site, roll over "Management" and from the drop down click on "Your account profile."
3. On the your account page, scroll down and look on the right. There is a "Registry Services" area.
Make sure this option "Credit all online purchases to a gift card by default" is set to Yes.
4. Click "Save" in the lower right.

For all registries started after you click Save, this will provide clear language to gift givers that gifts are given in the form of a credit.

B. Steps to output explanatory language for a specific registry:

1. Visit your Registry Management page.
2. Click the bride's name.
3. Once on the bride's page, click on "Edit your registry profile" on the right.
4. Scroll down to the management area. This has a light gray background.
5. You will see this text "Credit all online purchases to a gift card."  Check this box.
6. Click on "Save Profile" at the bottom.

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