Ask to sync with a Smart Brand

To request to sync products with a Smart Brand:
1. Login to your Bridge account.
2. At top of page, roll over "+Add" and then from the drop down choose "Brand."
3. On the Brand Manager page, find the Smart Brand that you'd like to sync products with.  You can use the search box at near the top of the brand's page if you'd like.

Once you find the brand, you'll notice that its background has a green color.  When the brand has a green background, the brand is a Smart Brand. If you get permission from this brand, all of its items can instantly appear in your Bridge account. 
4. Next to the Smart Brand's name, click the "Ask to sync" link.  This will send a notification to  the brand with your request to sync products. 
5. Click on “Ask to sync”. A floating white window will appear. Input your sales rep’s name if you have it. If not, you can submit the form without the rep’s name. It’s not required. Click on the blue “Submit” button.
6. Close the floating white window. The page will refresh. Now next to the brand’s name you’ll see text showing that your request was sent and today’s date.  You can track your sync request’s progress on your Ticket Tracking page.

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