Change how items are displayed in your Bridge store

If you're going to edit many items, or add many items to a registry, you'll want to change the page layout.

By default the store shows four to five items on each row horizontally. This is called the "Shopping" view.

To change the page layout, please:

1. Login in to your Bridge store.

2. After you login, in the upper right it says "Product view:...".  

Note: by default when you login, the product view changes to "Edit" mode.

Roll over this "Product view:..." text. There is a drop down list of viewing choices.

4. From the drop down, choose the option you'd like. The choices are:

- Shopping  (makes it easy to browse items; items appear horizontally)

- Edit (makes it easy to edit multiple products; items appear vertically)

- Price list (just shows an items picture and price; items appear vertically)

- Registry  (makes it easy to add multiple products to a registry at once; items appear vertically)

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