Process an online telephone order

When you get an order email that just has a telephone number (and not a billing and shipping address, etc.), this is a telephone checkout. We offer this checkout option because its much quicker for the customer to place an order. He or she just has to enter a telephone number.

In other words, this means that the customer 'checked out' by asking you to call them and get details.

When you receive an order like this, you will call the telephone number sent to you in the email. 
You'll ask the customer for:
- Credit card payment information
- Billing address
- Shipping address
- Email
- If its a gift registry purchase
- If applicable, for a gift message

You can confirm what the customer ordered by looking on the orders page. 

Important note: the order total shown on the orders page will not show shipping nor tax charges.  You will need to calculate those.

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