Get a fresh version of the web page (how do I refresh my page content?)

Sometimes you will make an update to your Bridge site and the change will not immediately appear to you. (The reason we sometimes give old/stored versions of pages is to help your pages load more quickly.) How do you fix this? Here is a trick to get the freshest content to appear for you.
You will add "?nocache" or "&nocache" to the end of the URL.

Let's use an example. Let's imagine that you add some new brands to your account. You then visit your brands page and you don't see them listed.

You can add ?nocache to end of the URL resulting in this:

This will tell our server to give you a fresh version of the page vs. a previously stored one. 

You may ask: when do I add &nocache to the end of a URL?
You add &nocache to the url when there is already a ? in the URL.  

Notice that there is already a ? in the URL. You would then add &nocache to the URL resulting in:

Note: if you add ?nocache to a URL that already has a ? in it, you will not get a fresh copy of the page.

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