Add a link to your Bridge account and/or add the Bridge logo to your website

Sales reps benefit when adding a link from their site to their Bridge site. 
Benefits to you:
1. Helps retailers and clients see all the products that you offer.
2. Saves you time and money on website maintenance. Brands update the content on your Bridge and that saves your business from having to update the data on your site.
3. Helps your retailers become familiar with Bridge. This is important to increase your retailers' sales.
How to add a link?
There are 2 primary ways to add links to your Bridge account.
1. Add the Bridge logo.
You can place the Bridge logo (attached below) near your other social media logos such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
If you need the Bridge logo adjusted or the color changed to match your site, please let Bridge know and we'll do that.
2. Make text on your site into a link leading to the respective page on your Bridge site. 
For example, if you have a link on your site that says that you represent Vietri, you will want to make this text "Vietri" into a link and have it lead to your Vietri page. Your Vietri url/website page may be resemble this:
You can add a link that that says "View New Products" and have it lead to the new items page on your Bridge.
That link may resemble this:

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