Delete / remove a duplicate gift / bridal registry

You may sometimes see duplicate registries on your Registry Management page. This occurs because you and/or the bride both add a new registry at the same time.  The best way to remove the duplicate and ensure that you're not deleting the wrong one is to follow the steps below.
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Roll over "Management". From the drop down, under the header "Registry," click on "Admin". this will take you to the registry admin page. Note: this is not the Registry Management page. The registry admin page is mostly all white page meant for advanced editing.
3.Find the registry name that has the duplicate entry.
You can deduce this using a few clues. We show you which registry has a picture and the number of items in the registry.  
4. To be safe, don't delete but rather archive the registry that you think is the duplicate.
If you are looking to reduce the number of your registries to fit your Bridge subscription plan, please view this page for tips:

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