Change a sales rep for a store or region

1. Login to your Bridge

2. Roll over "Management" at the top of your site. From the drop down, click on "Friends & Members."

3. On the Your Business Friends page, you'll see a list of the stores that you're friends with. To the right of the stores you'll see the assigned sales rep's name.

You will first need to delete the existing rep before you can assign a new one.
4. Roll over the existing/old sales rep's name. When you do this, you'll see a little 'trash can' icon appear. Click on that.  This will remove the old rep.  The page will refresh.  

5. Next to the store name there will be a link that says "+ Assign."  Click this link. A pop-up window with the header "Match Sales Reps With Retailers" will appear. 

6. Below the header Match Sales Reps With Retailer is a drop down with rep names. Find the new rep that you wish to assign to the store. Select it.

7. After you find the rep that you want in the drop down, click on the button "Add Sales Rep."

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